Israelology: A Biblical-Theological Perspective of the Past, Present and Future of Israel

Israelology is not currently an academic discipline within the framework of Biblical and Systematic theology. The doctrines of the Church (ecclesiology) and of the last things (eschatology) are for example part of theological thinking and research, but Israelology, the Biblical doctrine of Israel, receives little to no mention in theological textbooks. And yet, theological systems and churches differ based on their views of Israel. Someone may ask, “Why focus on Israelology?” Salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Jews jealous but not so that the ‘wild olive branches’ can be arrogant towards the natural ‘branches’ (Rom 11:11–24). A focus on Israelology raises foundational theological questions. Israelology undoubtedly influences a theologian’s choice of theological system. Israelology furthermore plays a significant role in the eschatology and ecclesiology. For these reasons, it is important to undertake an inductive study of what Scripture teaches about Israel.

Israel has a past, a present and a future in God’s plan. The attached article addresses the covenants of God with Israel, the question “Who is a Jew?”, an analysis of the descendants or seed of Abraham, Jesus’s first coming and the unpardonable sin, the Jewish remnant in the Church, the current restoration of the Jews in the land of Israel, the basis of the second coming of Christ, as well as Israel’s place in the messianic kingdom and the eternal state.

The attached article was written in Afrikaans but with an English abstract. It is dedicated to Dr Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum and Ariel Ministries. If you would like to read Israelology: A Biblical-theological perspective of the past, present and future of Israel, please click on the following link: